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    3D Video Production Companies

    Welcome to Giggle Chicken, the leaders among 3D video production companies in Australia! 

    We’re a full-service content production company based in Melbourne with a wide array of areas we specialise in including animation, live action video, illustration, and design. With over 20 years of combined experience within a team of passionate and driven professionals, we make sure we provide our clients with unique media pieces that connect with any given target audience. You can trust us, as we’ll come up with unique storytelling through powerful visuals that make a lasting impression.  

    We know creating copious amounts of video content can be a tiresome activity, and the best smart option is to get experts at 3D video production companies to do the job in order to improve your business’s digital presence. Our duties as one of the trusted 3D video production companies that stands out from the rest also include establishing the right strategies to produce premium quality content. We’re a proudly Australian owned and operated business with the main purpose of creating products only the best 3D video production companies could offer, delivering the type of content our clients are looking forward to have in their profiles and maximising the return on your investment.  

    Take things to the next level and give your brand a unique identity with long-lasting, relevant, and stimulating content that will give you the results you expect in terms of engagement. As one of the leading 3D video production companies, we make sure we not only create valuable amazing content but also make it suitable for your purpose and the strategic marketing plan you’re following. From conceiving the idea until its execution, our performance as one of the top 3D video production companies is impeccable.

    Feel free to contact us today by calling us on 0405 198 998 or emailing us at haha@gigglechicken.com 

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    If you’re sick and tired of creating copious amounts of video content, only for it to go online to die, give us a call and together we can maximise the return on your investment by creating something that will finally deliver the outcomes you have been trying to achieve.

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