Live-Action Video

Live-action is one of those terms we in the industry assume everybody else understands, because it’s sort of in the name. Live-action refers to any video content involving real life people, animals, places, spaces and objects filmed with cameras.


This is opposed to computer generated content – like animation and CGI.


Think of live-action like photography, and animation as painting – both can represent the world we live in – but where animation is an artist’s rendition of the natural world, through live-action we are able to take a snapshot of the world.


In layman’s terms – in live-action video, we shoot you with a video camera.


Live-action video has a multitude of applications. From interviews, brand documentaries, pieces-to-camera, training simulations and instructional demonstrations, all the way through to things like music videos, feature films and your favourite television shows.


It’s all live-action, and we love it!

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