Peter L. Walsh

Creative Director

Mud Dey

Executive Producer

The two head honchos at Giggle Chicken are Peter and Mud.


Peter leads our creative team – he’s like the thinking man statue, but with more clothes and less muscles. His best ideas come in the shower, and he’s destroyed numerous phones by getting them wet trying to document those ideas. The large majority of Peter’s experience comes from directing, shooting and editing corporate video. He specialises in brand documentaries and takes great pride in his ability to coach non-professional on-screen talent. He can make even the most nervous video-first-timer look like a seasoned TV veteran. It’s not all sunshine and rainbows though, unfortunately Peter also suffers from chronic dad joke addiction.


Mud is your production extraordinaire – there isn’t any logistical issue that she cannot wrangle into submission through the power of lists and spreadsheets. Her experience spans across working with CEOs of blue-chip companies to negotiating the hourly cost of hiring a llama. Her passion lies in facilitating an environment where the creative team can focus on what they do best. She is mad about rugby union, and can be very easily bribed with cake.