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    Video Production Geelong

    Geelong’s leading video production company, Giggle Chicken is here to help you engage your audience and give your brand superior quality content that will represent your business’s image properly. Choose Giggle Chicken, a fully committed and specialised video production agency and animation studio with a superior reach. We have 20 years of combined experience in our team, which allows us to come up with excellent content from the planning stage to keeping track of the data and measuring its performance. We have learned how to make video content and animation content that delivers real results for our clients.

    The main difference between Giggle Chicken and any other video content agency in Australia, is that we have a passionate creative team, and tried and tested video production services have ensured that we can produce great video content on a global scale. We offer full video content services from beginning to end. Giggle Chicken brings the collective years of our experience to the creative design and strategy of every project. Our goal is to provide our clients with the best video content for their needs, drive results for their brand, and build long-term partnerships.

    When it comes to corporate video and commercial videography, there is a delicate balance between two often-competing agendas and as a deluxe video production company in Geelong, we understand them completely: the desire to create an artistic masterpiece and the desire to force-feed an organisational message. Our video content agency works with real stories that completely achieve the goals expected by a superior video content producer company. 

    Our role as the main video production company in Geelong starts with:
    • Getting to know every detail about your target audience.
    • We study your goals in depth and how you plan to achieve them.
    • We figure out which platform and the type of content that works optimally according to the plan.

    As your dedicated video production company in Geelong, we help you prevent failure and give your brand a unique identity with long-lasting, relevant, and stimulating content that will give you the results you expect in terms of engagement. As one of the leading video content production agencies, we keep in high regard our most remarkable values which are that we are responsible professionals that work with passion and love for what we do, which is creating relevant video content at the highest possible level. 


    At Giggle Chicken, we make sure we not only create amazing content but also make it suitable for your business’s purpose and the strategic plan you’re following. From conception to execution, our performance as one of the top video production companies is impeccable. Feel free to speak to us today by calling us on 0405 198 998 or emailing us at haha@gigglechicken.com . Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to know all the details about the wide array of services we offer as the best video production company in Geelong; our great professionals will be glad to assist you and give you all the information you need. 

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    If you’re sick and tired of creating copious amounts of video content, only for it to go online to die, give us a call and together we can maximise the return on your investment by creating something that will finally deliver the outcomes you have been trying to achieve.

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